Community book sharing service

A free book and home delivery service, providing you with an opportunity to read without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.


Do you love to read or do puzzles?


Are you shut-in your home or facility?


Do you have limited mobility or lack access to new reading material?


Would you like free books, magazines, and or puzzles delivered to your door once a month?

We are a Fraser Valley group of community spirited individuals with a powerful love of books.


Our Mission

To provide a free service to seniors, shut-ins and others in our community who may not be able to get out easily to stores or libraries to access gently used reading materials.

Our books and puzzles are donated from the community.


This is a no contact service. Items are dropped off at the reception area of senior facilities or can be left on a door step.

Before being redistributed, items will be quarantined in accordance with Provincial Health regulations. Delivery persons will be masked and adhere to all provincial health recommendations.

Client names and addresses will only be used for the purpose of orders and delivery. Information will be safely stored and destroyed upon cancelation of service.

frequency & scope of service

• Delivery service will be provided once a month.
• Books are selected according to the client’s reading preferences with titles and authors randomly selected as identified on the registration form. Clients may request other genres and titles and where possible we will attempt to fill special title requests.
• On delivery date, once the books or puzzles are finished, the items need to simply be placed in a bag for pickup. If you find you would like to keep a special book, that can also be arranged.
• We also accept donations of gentle used books, puzzles and magazines.

Register Now

Note: names and phone numbers are kept confidential.