Welcome To The Official Launch of The Book Bags

Pamela Chatry, Founder and Chair of The Book Bags

Why do you read? Escape, stress relief, education? Do you always need to have a good book on the nightstand? If you’re like me, it’s probably also important to have a stash of books just waiting to be read. Isn’t it wonderful to have books available for those occasions?

When the mood strikes for a rollicking great murder mystery or travels to Africa? It brings comfort knowing that you’ve always got the perfect book on-hand.

Well, COVID and isolation have made it all the more important to have access to books, but it isn’t always possible. Libraries and bookstores demand trip planning and quarantine restricts our movements.

The idea for ‘The Book Bags’ began when Care Homes went into lock-down. While some homes had books, often the libraries were stripped and books not readily available. So, my fellow Fraser Valley friend Edie and I, along with other bibliophiles got together to address this need. Our goal? To make sure everyone who can’t get out has books delivered to their homes or residence.

So, these last few months, we’ve been busy collecting books, magazines, and puzzles. We’ve sorted and sanitized, collected, and organized. Now there are 100’s of books and magazines to choose from… everything from the classics to Tom Clancy and the Ladies Detective Agency. We now want to deliver them to you!

Give us a call or email to get your free monthly book delivery started. We are COVID and security conscious. There are no sales and no catches; just a wonderful bag of free books delivered every month for you to read!

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